Michelle Petierre

In writing a testimonial for Rosalia the first thought that comes to my mind is “ How can I express the love and gratitude that I have for Rosalia in words when the feeling goes beyond explainable.”

The love, joy and comfort that Rosalia has brought to my family and I is beyond measure. To make things simple she is my direct telephone to heaven. The best and clearest connection to heaven. Her signal never fails. There has been so many events that Rosalia has reached out and also has channeled healings from heaven that have instantly been felt and have come forth. I have learned and grown spiritually so much from Rosalia, I can honestly write a book of everything I have experienced from her sessions. My Faith has been restored after experiencing so much loss, I remain to have contact with my beloved mother, cousin, and father in heaven. Your guidance and messages from heaven are truly blessings and priceless. If you have been drawn or referred to Rosalia consider this a blessing to you and a strong message from God, that has led you to Rosalia to learn something greater in moving forward in this beautifully chaotic crazy life.

Straight from My Heart and Soul, 

Michelle Petierre

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