About Rosalia

My spiritual journey began as a young child, as I could  always feel people’s feelings and know  people’s thoughts.  I grew up extremely sensitive and full of anxiety.  I  was  too afraid to express any of this to anybody.  I felt misunderstood and lonely. Throughout this fear and anxiety however, I would turn to God and feel peace. 


In 1995, at the age of 24, my father passed away . I was devastated and  my heart was truly  broken.  It is through the darkness  of this pain that I was awakened and  aligned to my spiritual journey.

Although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I channeled my father the night he died as I heard him calling me when I was drifting off to sleep.  While this gave me solace,  I was so incredibly sad and it wasn’t long before I spiralled into a depression .  I began searching to comfort  this inconsolable ache. The trauma of losing my father left an unbearable  wound so intense that I struggled to breathe. My physical health was also suffering as my emotions were manifesting themselves into illness. I was suffocating from the pain and all I could do was pray. I prayed to God and to Jesus, my guide.  Prayer became my breath and nurtured my struggle.  Through my tears,  I wholeheartedly  prayed  and I trustingly  asked for guidance. 

Through God’s grace, I was able to have  many dreams of my father where we had the most beautiful conversations and I innately understood that these were  not just “dreams,” but my connection to spiritual  dimensions. I would wake up feeling refreshed, as my heart had been nourished. Throughout this delicate time, many people who had passed on, started coming into my dreams and asking me to give their family members messages. Intrinsically I knew that I was receiving these messages to provide comfort. 

I was learning that my life was changing as I was being led by God and I harmoniously  became  a vessel for all that Christ  Consciousness wanted to teach me. This progression took several years as I processed, witnessed and loved myself through my pain. 

My intense grief became my ultimate blessing  in my journey, as I am now able to provide  empathy and compassion for those who are suffering. I do not have any formal training but I have faith and trust in the messages that I am able to deliver and that these messages provide true emotional healing.

Although enduring my father’s death and my health challenges were difficult, I appreciate these times because it strengthened  my faith and allowed me to grow.

My transition to giving readings for people happened quite seamlessly as I permitted the love of God to flow through me. In 2010 I  trusted my “knowing” enough to speak my truth.  Through self-compassion and through complete surrendering, I became and am an instrument for messages that are essential for healing. 

Through faith and grace I am able to witness true genuine healing that is formed when channeled through the pure essence of love and light.  


I have extreme gratitude for all the learning my journey has provided and continues to offer me.

I live in the present peace of God’s love and restorative light and my journey has led me home: spiritually home, that is.