Korine S.

From our very first time speaking, Rosalia already knew my nature and disposition even before I had said more than ten words to her. She is intuitive and reassuring, and conversing with her gave me the much needed peace I was looking for. She has taught me to have faith in all I have done (and that I have done enough) and to trust in God’s divine timing. In the end, her words did speak true and did come true, and that’s how I know her spiritual wisdom is truly a gift. If you are unsure of what to say or what questions to ask, I still urge you to speak with Rosalia. What started out as a conversation ended up becoming a spiritual, otherworldly experience that I did now know I needed. I really treasure this experience and I am so grateful for her.

Angela Solorzano

I was privileged to experience Rosalia’s channeled healing energy only briefly and was strongly impacted.
She shared with me some general concerns that I sensed I had. She validated what my intuition was telling me.
Her specific vibration is one of love, transcendence and relief. I felt it literally within her presence. She has ancient light within her. I have since booked her for a much longer session in the future. Book now, she has a waiting list!


Rosalia helped guide me in my life journey through her spiritual wisdom which strengthened my relationship with myself, loved ones, and God. She truly is special lady and would recommend her to anyone seeking a heart felt reading no matter what is happening in your life and what you may need healing in. You will leave spiritually enlightened and fulfilled!!!

Emily G

Talking to Rosalia is like being wrapped in a warm blanket of faith and light. She speaks with such gentleness and understanding it brings me great comfort anytime I talk to her, and the messages that come forth resonate with me deeply and set me back on my path.  Rosalia has a true faith and love that is rare and so refreshing that it leaves you wanting to find more of that within yourself. More light, more faith, more love- just what we all need today.

I would encourage anyone to spend time with her, read her writings, or participate in her teachings.  There are no coincidences that you have found her. The world needs her work greatly, and I would suggest that you may too.

Diana S

Rosalia has a God given gift that needs to be shared with the world. Her insight and love for the human spirit can be felt in every encounter. She has truly been a blessing in my life.

She has calmed my fears, anxiety and worries by showing me how to let God’s light and love fill my heart, mind and soul. We need to be people of love and that needs to start with self. Self love is not an easy thing, but allowing someone to guide you, heal you, and walk with you in this process is the greatest gift of all.

Rosalia thank you for being that force for me. ❤

Tosca Reno

I have enjoyed the readings I’ve had with Rosalia. She taps into energy and messages and delivers them so that I can access new information.  I find her readings insightful and helpful.  Thank you for your gift.


Rosalia, I want to personally thank-you for sharing your beautiful gifts with me; you are a true blessing. Your readings always bring me such peace and reassurance. The messages you share provide such a deep sense of knowing and they return me to my true self.  I can’t begin to thank-you enough for the words you speak and the profound effect they have had on my life. Whenever I feel like I have lost my way, your words quickly remind me that I am always at home and peace is within me.

With much gratitude,



I have had the pleasure of having a few readings with Rosalia and each one was amazing!

My first reading was shortly after my father passed away.  I was blown away when Rosalia delivered messages from my father as there were only things that he and I would know. This reading with Rosalia really helped me heal the loss of my father.

As time moved on there were many other situations that I needed  guidance on and Rosalia once again helped me with  her natural gift and I am so grateful to have met her.  Thank you Rosalia for always being who you are and for being in my life! You are a blessing and a gift in my life! Bless you and love you always.


Mackenzie B.

Rosalia has changed my life.

She is extremely intuitive, loving and caring. She has given me clarity. I have had multiple readings from Rosalia and she had told me what I needed to hear.

Rosalia confirmed many things I needed to be confirmed.

She has helped me find and narrow down some areas in my life that I could work on to benefit my future healing.

The experience was awakening and comfortable.

She gave me some tools and advice to help me  further my healing.

I’m so grateful for Rosalia. She is truly amazing soul and she is an angel to me.


Loredana Bruno

My first reading with Rosalia was lovely. She tuned into my situation very quickly without asking me many questions. She enlightened me with what her understanding of my true nature and the barriers I was facing.

She revealed things to me that I was in wonder as to how she knew these things. Subsequently, I decided to read with her frequently, and my life has improved so much. She has nothing but good positive things to share, and she reveals who is protecting and guiding my path. I love her closure to each session with a calling for meditation.

I find Rosalia to be compassionate, empathic, supportive and eloquent in the way she conveys her messages. Along with being very warming and welcoming, she also has a good sense of humour.  I have since then referred Rosalia to many of my friends.  She is truly the best!